Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How it all began...

Welcome friends! Let me begin by telling the tale of how this whole thing got started. I work at a local bakery and was recruited to decorate cookies shaped like gingerbread men. I had a blast doing this, and found that I wasn't half bad either. The cake decorator spotted my work, and was excited for me to try cake decorating. She began showing me basics after work (with permission of course) and I picked it up very quickly. I began helping to do cupcakes and a few cakes, and when our cake decorator was unexpectedly hospitalized, I was called in as the back-up cake decorator. I had so much fun, and did a lot of different cakes. I did a monster truck cake, a High School Musical cake, a cake with a dirt bike track around it, birthday cakes, a football cake, and the list goes on. I have put a few pictures of these first cakes online. When our cake decorator returned, so did my normal non-cake related duties. I was a little sad, and decided to make them for friends and still help out whenever our bakery needed me. I have been blessed to do a variety of cakes thus far, and am excited to see where this will go!

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