Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pioneers Club End Of The Year Party

The children's ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church here in Lynchburg, VA uses the curriculum of a program called Pioneer Clubs. Tonight was their last meeting for the summer, the big bash, and I was able to be part of that special night! This was a big order - a cake to feed about 50 AND 50 cupcakes.

The cake was half vanilla and half chocolate, and all the icing was buttercream. For the logo, I looked up the original online and then freehanded the logo onto the cake!
Here are both halves of the order. 50 cupcakes and a half sheet cake. This was a big order, and I obtained the assistance of my wife for this! She helped with the baking and cleanup! I will admit it was a lot easier having someone help me measure out the ingredients and help wash the dishes afterwards (ridiculous amounts of dishes - believe me!). Thanks honey!