Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Cake, but still jimmy cakes!

I don't know if you are like me or if I am just weird, but every now and then I get this strange urge and have to bake something right away. Usually when this happens I begin a frustrating search for some recipe that looks good and doesn't require me to make a trip to the grocery store. As you probably could guess, I don't always accomplish that goal and end up settling for something 'normal' and not 'new' or 'exciting'.

Well, today I got that urge and started my usual process of looking through books and web pages trying to find a recipe that accommodated my pantry... I ended up trying a new recipe I got last Christmas but didn't try. I made (mostly) organic vanilla cookie sandwiches and made a cream cheese filling to go between the layers. Since I am sitting here with a sweatshirt on, I decided to make them fall themed cookies.

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Meg said...

those look absolutely delicious!! The cookies look like they are just the right softness... combined with the soft and creamy icing!! Yummy!!