Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back to my roots (or branches) - finally a cake!

This week I have been working on this wedding cake for a couple getting married in Concord, VA yesterday. This four-tiered yellow cake with buttercream icing is adorned with homemade gumpaste flowers and a fondant branch.

The bride wanted blue-green flowers (but more blue), and a black branch, but didn't know what type of flowers she wanted. These are the ones I decided to go with, and I made different combinations and different sizes so they would look more natural. After they have dried, I used a steamer to steam the flowers and the branch - giving it a shiny look, and really making the color 'pop'.

I was pretty nervous about the topper that they were going to provide, and had no idea what it was going to look like until I showed up to set up the cake. I decided to take pictures before I put it on, just in case I didn't like the topper on the cake. I seem to have a strange aversion to toppers for some reason. I suppose I am just picky and want the topper to match the cake in design and quality, and sometimes they certainly don't.

Funny story about setting this cake up... As I was finishing up, an elderly relative came up and greeted me. When I asked what she thought of the cake, she replied "It's getting there...". Not certain how to respond, I didn't. After a moment, she said "It is certainly different..." and I replied with "Yes, it very modern." I wasn't really sure what to say, and I was chuckling to myself as she walked away...

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rev, loraina j. meador lee said...

very beautiful!!! don't be cridical of your self. have you ever watcher the t.v show, i'm not sure what name is,, but ower is the cake boss? great tv show.. great job you are doing.. blessings