Friday, July 31, 2009

an elephant never forgets...

So, I got to make the elephant cake last night... It was a difficult cake for sure! I started with two six inch and two eight inch cakes. I cut three of the cakes in half to make the cake taller (making the three cakes - six layers). I trimmed each as I stacked them, shaping them for the main body (kind of a half football shape). I then took the trimmings and set them back on the cake board to make the hind legs. I used additional trimmings for the front two legs. I iced the cake as I went.
The head was difficult to say the least. I used the remaining six inch cake for the head. I cut out a head-shape and tried to sit it on a very small board supported by dowel rods. This was working until the entire thing started to fall off after I iced it. I removed the head and came up with plan B. I re-attached the head with additional supports, then made the ears and trunk out of fondant. After attaching these pieces, I had to let the cake dry for a few minutes. I then proceeded to air brush the entire thing (Thank you Christine!). I was happy with the outcome, and apparently the recipient loved the cake as well. It was delivered this morning and I was told it was a big hit.

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