Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Monkey Cake Anyone? I teamed up with a great friend of mine to do a very special cake for a very special one year old named Brinley. His mom always calls him her little monkey, and the invitations to the party gave us the inspiration for this cake. Sara, my friend, made the two quarter sheet carrot cakes from scratch with all-natural ingredients, and also made cream cheese icing from scratch as well.

We met to discuss the cake, and came up with a design that really combined both of our ideas. We decided to take the two cakes, and cut three or four inches off of both of them, and then stack the four pieces to make a 3-D cake. We then took fondant and colored it green for the palm tree leaves. We used Pirouette wafers from Pepperidge Farm for the tree trunks around the outside of the cake, and mini cupcakes (also carrot cake) for the two main trees in front. We colored additional fondant and made all the pieces of a monkey which we assembled later. Sara cut out all the leaves and then proceeded to put lines in each leaf to give it texture. Meanwhile, I tackled the icing of the cake itself. The weight of the cake caused some serious issues, and even the dowels I was using to support the top section were leaning and causing problems. I got it to work, and then finished icing the cake. We attached the Pirouette's and then started attaching the leaves. Sara rolled out little vines while I started putting our monkey together. We got everything done just as the party started, and from start to finish put about four and a half hours into the cake.

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