Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthdays and Bulldogs

Today I made a birthday cake for a die hard University of Georgia fan. His wife contacted me about making a the UGA cake, and wanted something to do with the logo. I found a picture of the bulldog head, and I practiced drawing out the logo on a separate piece of paper. When it didn't look half bad, I decided to proceed with my plan.

The cake is my 'signature' chocolate cake (I love calling it that) with homemade icing. I made two 9 inch rounds and cut each in half, making four layers instead of just two (MORE ICING!!!).

I grabbed my drawing and the original and drew the image onto the cake with a sharpened dowel rod. I then filled in the markings with the icing I mixed up. I am really happy with this cake, and the birthday boy loved it too (thankfully!). :)

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