Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Photography Forum

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine contacted me about a special project she was working on. She has been doing photography for about three years now, and her business is booming; she decided to host a photography forum. The forum focused on how she has been able to develop her business. She recruited me to help provide some of the refreshments for the occasion. I was very happy to oblige, and began working on what I would bring.
Being an amateur photographer myself, I attended the forum as well. I was excited to be in attendance, and walked away with a lot of good information, not only about photography, but about small business ownership too. As a shameless plug, my friend's name is Sabrena Deal, and you can check out her website at Please don't miss the opportunity to check out her work.

For the forum, I made several specialty treats. There was going to be about 12 individuals in attendance, and I decided to make a two tiered cake. The top tier was a 7 inch chocolate cake (my personal favorite), and the bottom layer was a 9 inch Red Velvet cake (as requested by Sabrena.) Both came out really well, and since the theme of the forum was "Fall", I decided to decorate the cake in similar fashion.

In addition to the cake, I also made five dozen Orange Blossoms (another personal favorite). These are made in a mini muffin pan, and then I made some fresh orange glaze and drizzled the glaze over the blossoms with a spoon. (mouth watering...)

These are Creme De Menthe brownie bites with melted chocolate and a little powdered sugar on top. I hadn't really made these for someone before, and so I am glad they came out well. Overall, I feel these treats were a big hit, and I was thankful for the opportunity to expand my portfolio and get additional experience. Thanks Sabrena!

Again, don't forget to check out Sabrena's website:

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