Monday, October 12, 2009

Organic Doesn't Mean Yucky!

I am very excited to share that I have made my first ORGANIC cake (well, 90% organic). I was asked to make a special cake to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, which is today, October 12. The customer was a very good friend, and she also loves organic food. She wanted me to make some sort of spice cake, and didn't really have a preference on the icing. I ended up making an organic spice cake, and made organic walnut cream cheese icing. It was a perfect combination (well, so I have been told). In fact, my friend, who isn't much of an icing fan, says she thought it was the best icing she had ever tasted and she loved it! I was SO thrilled to hear that, and will absolutely be making this recipe again.

I wanted to keep the decorations simple, and used organic walnuts as a major part of the decoration. I used half-pieces for the bottom border, alternating them, so that it formed a unique pattern. I then used the remainder of the broken pieces to fill in around the top of the cake. My friend didn't really want the Canadian flag on the cake, so I decided to do an assortment of fall leaves and acorns, similar to the fall cake I did a few weeks ago for the Fall Photography Forum. I made three shades of brown, and alternated them to pipe on the leaves atop of the cake.

So, now you know for a little extra, I can make your cake organic! And remember, just because it's organic, doesn't mean it's yucky!

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