Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leave me out of it...

I was thrilled to do this wedding cake, delivered to DeVault Family Vineyard in Concord, VA this past weekend. It was another neopolitan cake with Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla tiers and buttercream icing.

Each of the leaves I made by hand, and this was a long process, actually about 5 different steps. After I found the cutters for the leaves, I was trying to find leaf veiners to put the indentations on them. After several hours of searching for the right ones, I came across a blog which gave instructions on how to make your own. So, I went out into my back yard and picked a few different types of leaves. I then made molds of each of these leaves, baked them, then made negative impression molds and baked those too.

After I cut out the gum paste leaves, I pressed the molds/veiners into the leaves and let them dry. Then I brushed on edible color powder and then airbrushed the edges and stems with edible coloring to add extra dimension. Lastly, I steamed each of the leaves and left them to air dry over night. Below are the pictures after I steamed them.

As I mentioned before I am not the biggest fan of cake toppers, but I am also including a picture of the cake topper for this cake, as it is the completed product. I don't think you can tell in this picture, but I offset the cakes to the left since I knew the topper would be pretty tall as well, and thought the branch would fill up the right side... I was very happy with this cake, and am thankful that set up went well, etc.

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