Saturday, January 29, 2011

80 Years Young

My Grandfather turned 80 years young this past weekend, and we had family from all over the country fly in to Richmond, VA to celebrate. While it was wonderful to all gather in Richmond, I forgot how bad the roads on 64 are, and needless to say traveling over 2 hours with a cake in the trunk - amounted to a very stressful ride :) I was afraid to look at the cake when we arrived, but it made it! We had family come from California, Wisconsin, Minnesota and all over Virginia to celebrate this special patriarch!

For the cake itself, I chose Orange Dreamsicle for the top tier, and Choclate Raspberry for the bottom tier - white icing on the outside. The '80' on top were hand piped chocolate that I then sprayed with edible food coloring to make them silver, and I used wire and a thick dowel rod to make the swirly things. The theme of the cake centered around my Grandfather's life. All the symbols were pictures that represented parts of his life. On the front I included an Air Force symbol - as my Grandfather served in the Korean War, and the symbol for the Mason's which my Grandfather has been an active part of for many decades.

On the top right you can see the shape of Wisconsin, which is where he was born and raised and where most of his family now resides. Below you see a motorhome trekking across the country, which he and my Grandmother did a few years ago.

Towards the back of the cake I drew a wrench - as my Grandfather was a mechanic for majority of his career, and a shamrock for his Irish roots - McDonough after all is undeniably Irish!

Lastly, I included a block of cheese - as he is a avid Green Bay Packer's fan, a fish to represent one of his favorite pass-times, and Virginia which is where he has spent the second half of his life and where he resides.
This cake was so much fun to do, and I had many more ideas of pictures to put on the cake which I forgot when I was actually decorating it. The cake was a huge hit and SO delicious!

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