Friday, February 11, 2011

Tut, Tut, Looks like a Shower Cake

This cake was such an experience! Almost a disaster, twice, but it came through! This home-made marble cake with buttercream icing featured hand-piped chocolate figures you can see throughout the photos. I imagined this cake a month ago, and had it all worked out, but it didn't work out quite the way I planned. In the end, it came together, but was probably the second most stressful experience so far!

The tree topper was made from three 6 inch cakes that I shaped and then decorated to look like a tree. I put dowel rods in the tower shape, but disaster #1 happened when the entire thing fell and hit the counter. I had to scrape off the icing and re-decorate it. Then after I fixed it, I brought it out to take pictures, as you see here. Right after I took pictures, I was removing the tree topper to put in a box and the cake slid off and hit the table again. Hence disaster #2. The customer was standing right there when it happened and busted out laughing - which helped alleviate my stress!!!

Since I had to cut out part of the cake, I had to ice cupcakes to make up for some of the missing servings. These cupcakes were a last minute resort, but a cute addition to the cake.

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