Monday, February 14, 2011

Vroom, Vroom!

I had the opportunity to let my imagination run wild (and it felt like a V-8) for this Cars cake. Combination of portion controlled cupcakes as well as an 8 inch cake made this the perfect combination for a birthday party! I knew I wanted to do something tall, but it had to transport well, as the family was traveling to NoVa for the party. So I wanted most of the cake to be on the base, and make it easy to stack.

I cut out the Cars Logo, the flags and the road sign from gum paste (made the tires that the flags are sticking in from gum paste too), then hand painted the sign and flags with food coloring.

Overall, this cake was SO much fun! I loved doing it and including little details like the traffic cones, and the trophy cupcake. I really had a blast making this cake!

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